Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm going to try to do a Power Foods challenge. I am inspired to do this by Cheryl a.k.a Bitchcakes, from this blog entry. You should check out her blog if you haven't already! Seriously, many of the things that I do and try on this blog are very much inspired and influenced by Cheryl's blog. Thanks, Bitchcakes!

Basically, I will try to stick to the Power Foods list 100%, for at least 3 whole days next week. This will mean that I will be stocking up on Power Foods at the grocery store this week. Here's my list so far:

-brown rice (I plan to make a big pot this weekend and warm up servings for myself after class, or even at lunch!)

-loads of fresh produce, both veggies and fruits

-soy yogurt (just to try it, I need to have something sweet for breakfast besides fruit, and my granola bars are definately not Power Foods)




-boca burgers (I love that these made the Power Foods list)

If you can think of any must-have Power Foods that I don't have to work hard to make (full time worker, full time student, AAURGH!), please add them to my list! Thanks.


Priscilla said...

NIce!! Maybe I should do this for next week =)

Andrea said...

Looks like my grocery list. I love edamame and quinoa too.