Monday, January 24, 2011

Power Foods challenge- Day 1 Plan

Today is not a Power Foods challenge day. I already ate the following non-Power Foods:

-Nature Valley crunchy granola bar, Roasted Almond flavor
-1 oz. Blue Diamond Almonds in Bold: Wasabi & Soy Sauce flavor
-Oreo stix (this is the last one that I had, thank goodness!)

Power Foods eaten:

I need to get better at this, clearly!

I neglected to make my huge pot of brown rice this weekend, so that has been procrastinated to today. I will be using my rice cooker, so it requires very little time and effort. It is one of those rice cooker/vegetable steamer things (simular item pictured, Target $9.99), so I will be steaming some veggies for dinner, too!
I have no clue what a Power Foods breakfast is like. I may have to wake up early enough to enjoy oatmeal... but with my late night homework/studying night + my early morning cardio session, the likelihood of that happening...? Not so good.
I will probably end up eating fruit for breakfast. And starving until lunch... At least that's what I have pictured in my head. Which I really don't want to do...
Plan for Day 1:
breakfast- maybe overnight oats made with soy milk and fruit...?
lunch- rice, beans, salsa, veggies, evoo
dinner- rice, beans, veggies, evoo
snacks- fruit, veggies, boca burger
What are some good, vegan, QUICK, Power Foods breakfast ideas???


Andrea said...

For breakfast I eat instant oatmeal with applesauce, almond milk, and fruit. I'm planning to try oatmeal with pureed pumpkin.

You can also have plain soy yogurt with fruit, scrambled tofu and veggies (make a big pot over the weekend), and/or toast with a Power Foods bread.

Katy said...

This is what I do for breakfast:

-green smoothie
-Big bowl of oatmeal (I just blogged about this.)
-3 ingredient banana smoothie (I also blogged about this not too long ago.)
-basic cereal with a lot of berries and banana (and almond milk)
-on the weekends I make blueberry banana muffins
-You could also do a piece of toast, with PB and a sliced up banana. I have found toast that's 1 pt per slice (Nature's Own 35 calorie bread-9 grain).

melissa said...

at least fruit travels really well! banana for breakfast, apple for a snack, then lunch? i'm sure it'll get easier :)

Chris said...

here's an awesome oatmeal recipe (using almond milk)